Exba arises as the export department for wineries of the Alavese Rioja, which acts without intermediation and personalises direct customer-winery contact.

Its functions are mainly based on guaranteeing an exceptional product and service quality for the market, above all the international market.

Exba accesses international markets with a wine of character from Alavese Rioja: a privileged area thanks to its excellent soil, limestone and sandy land, and to a microclimate, which make it ideal for cultivating vines, always subject to the demands and controls of the Control Board of the D.O. Calificada Rioja.

In spite of the incorporation of the latest technologies into their production processes, the wineries have managed to maintain their own identity and be faithful to the characteristics that have enabled them to produce quality wines for generations. The wineries are small family producers, who use traditional cultivation and preparation practices and have their own vineyards.


Our wineries

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